Welcome to Cellprop

We are creating autonomous electric vehicles to augment means of shared mobility with high levels of safety and comfort.

Smart Transportation

Our plethora of software technologies delivers a futuristic in-cabin experience coupled with critical full situational awareness, vehicle diagnostics, and advanced vehicle navigation system.

Powered by Electricity

We are in making of future of transportation sustainable. With our electric vehicle technology, we provide customers a cost-effective and prudent way to be a part of this future.

Vehicle Autonomy Technology

Our software platform is business ready to make vehicle autonomous. This technology stack is build to make the urban commute safe and reliable. Future getting delivered today, be a part of it now.

Mobility Platform


Our innovation platform, Simba, is built to be application agnostic. Its modular design is imperative to quick and easy system integration, enabling you to reduce your robotics project development time to days.

Modular Design

Built with robust chassis, SIMBA is ready for customization. Use the plug and play modules to test design ideas. Implement hardware designs, perform field testing, deploy robotics applications.

Drive Train

The fully electric all-wheel drivetrain is powered by modular energy storage system. With Battery Management System plugged on it, harness maximum efficiency from the system, using onboard motor controllers, for your applications.

Autonomous Technology

With Confidence, make full use of AI. Using Nvidia’s powerful GPUs, this kit comes with in-built Autonomy stack to kick-start robotics application building. Cool stuff around the corner, why not get started today?

Hardware Solutions

Energy Storage
Charging Stations
Electric Drive

Team Members