Charging Stations

Our Products: Charging Stations

Portable AC Charging Stations

Works on single phase domestic power supply with different types of BMS, and with integrated PFC. The charger does no pollution of the electric grid, prevents shocking from heavy currents, and any fluctuation from grid supply.

With WiFi Connectivity and multiple smart features, a perfect solution for EV owners.

Mini DC Fast Charging Stations

Compatible with both single phase and three phase power supply available in industrial building, restaurants, and hotels. The charger comes equipped with WiFi connectivity and host of smart features for convenient operation.

Compliant with Bharat charger standards, this charger provides faster charging compared to single phase AC/DC chargers.

Smart Fast Charging Stations

For public charging of EVs at an accelerated pace. Charging time can vary from less than 15 mins to 1.5 hrs for all types of electric vehicles.

Besides EV charging, these chargers also provide public WiFi, 4G/5G connectivity, and numerous other features for upcoming smart cities.

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