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Oryx Electric

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Oryx Electric

It is time to replace the noisy, polluting I.C.E. with quiet, reliable, and non-polluting Oryx. Cell Propulsion presents our first complete electric vehicle solution. Our ELCV matches the performance of an I.C.E. vehicle while lowering cost of operations. An electric vehicle also offers a much higher level of traceability, to further simplify fleet management.

  • Reliability : 3-year warranty, convenient AMC schemes and AIS-123 certified powertrain
  • Customizability : Range and Payload can be customized
  • Connectivity : One year free access to Cell Propulsion's mobility platform
Nominal Power
Peak Power
30 KW
Operating Voltage
Battery Capacity & Range
18kwh for 100 Km
24kwh for 150 Km
Battery Cycle Life
3000 at 0.8C max Charge
1C max Discharge
Top Speed
60 kmph

Additional Cost

Road tax Insurance AMC Software cost per annum
4,440.00 36,000.00 5,000.00 0 (Free for first year )

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